Leased Line Outage

We are currently investigating and outage with some of our leased lines.

This appears to be isolated to Virgin Media tails but we are still attempting to narrow this down.

This was a VM fault which appears resolved but we’ve not had anything from VM to confirm this.

Individual customers will be contacted directly once we have more.

Hosted Exchange Outage

We are currently experiencing an outage with our hosted exchange platform.

This is being investigated and we will provide an update when we can.

Please note this is effecting inbound email to our support ticketer and in the mean time tickets can be opened at

This issue is resolved.

Network Issues

At around 14:30 today we noticed a large amount packet loss on a route in and out of our network.
This was traced to a problem with one of the LINX peering lans and we took that particular route out of action restoring normal service.

The peering lan has since stablised and this has been brought back into service.

Status Minisite… Operational!

With this post comes the successful launch of our Status homepage – from this address you can have a real-time view on any current issues, a historic view of old issues, and all follow-ups/commentary that go with it.

So put the URL in your bookmarks ( just in case – hopefully you wont need to use it very often!